Who is a Reiki Master?

Reiki is a sacred and ancient Japanese art form, rooted in holistic and energy healing. Practitioners who carry out this form of healing go through levels of training and accreditation to become known as Reiki Masters. These masters can go on to practice on clients, friends, and family. Alternatively, they can pass on their teachings to others wishing to learn the art form. Through sharing teachings of this traditional therapy, Reiki Masters are empowering, motivating, healing, and growing a new generation of individuals dedicated to helping others reach oneness of love and their highest self through reiki.

If you're interested in building upon your understanding and practice of reiki to become a reiki master, continue reading to find out what the training involves and the benefits of taking this new path in life. Get in contact with us here at The Healing Heart Centre so we can help you expand your vision of becoming a reiki master.

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What is Reiki Master Training?

A reiki master is the highest form of practice and takes dedicated time and study to achieve. Before reaching this highest level of attunement, a person must go through 3 levels of practice and training. This helps to build knowledge and real-life experience surrounding the sacred practice of reiki. The "attunement" of each level refers to a ceremony of empowerment gained at each new stage. Within every sect of this training, a person dedicates significant time to learning the history of reiki and the techniques and practices.

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How Does The Training Work?

Training to become a reiki master is completely individual to every student. Some participants may complete their levels of training swiftly, whereas others may take months or even years to achieve the highest level of reiki master. Regardless of your pace, you will always have another qualified reiki master to learn from, and structured levels of progression to follow. Find out more about the three levels of reiki training below:

  • Level 1: The First Degree

    Level 1 of reiki training, or the first degree, is the begging level for every would-be reiki master. At this stage, you focus on opening your energy channels within yourself. One of the main aims is to connect to the universal life force energy that's at the core of the reiki energy system. Your Reiki master will encourage you to focus on your own reiki healing and overcoming personal obstacles, as well as learning the history of reiki.

  • Level 2: The Second Degree

    When you have moved onto the second level, or degree, you now have the opportunity to practice your Reiki skills and techniques on other people rather than just yourself. You are also encouraged by your reiki master to open your energy channels further, and you also receive the ability to use the three energy symbols in practice. This means those in training can also complete distance reiki and send healing to anyone, anywhere in the world.

  • Level 3: The Third Degree (Reiki Master)

    After you have completed and become attuned to the previous levels of reiki, you reach the final level where you can become a reiki master and teach all that you have learned. It can take considerable time and study to achieve this level and title, as a reiki master represents an in-depth commitment to reiki and the practice. You also receive the ability to use the fourth energy symbol and other additional energy symbols to expand your practice of Reiki. Once you have become a reiki master you can provide support to clients to the highest degree or look to teach and train others to become attuned reiki masters.

Who is Eligible for Reiki Master Training?

Reiki master training requires significant training and study, attuning to the previous levels of reiki. Commonly, a person with previous holistic healing background is interested to learn reiki to expand on their healing training, but anyone with keen interest and commitment to learning and looking to heal others is still eligible to enrol on to the Reiki master training. If you have gained previous experience in spirituality, you can also be a great candidate for the training as this allows you to have new tools and knowledge to succeed in your aims of becoming a reiki master.


The Benefits of Reiki Training

There are countless benefits to reiki training, both for yourself and the people around you. By gaining knowledge and experience within the practice of reiki, you make yourself more open to energy channels which you can then harness to promote inner healing and peace. This can be used to overcome your own struggles, as well as assist your loved ones and clients in a professional capacity. Reiki can serve as an effective alternative therapy to modern medicine or invasive practices, like acupuncture for example. If you have a deep interest in the practice of reiki, training from a reiki master can help you understand yourself better, as well as the world around you.

How is Training Carried Out?

Reiki training is commonly carried out in person, in small groups on a course. For example, you may attend a weekend training event or meet-ups with your reiki master and fellow students. For those with busy lives, there is also the option of online and distance training from the comfort of your own home. This would involve regular virtual sessions to help build and hone your craft. A level of independent study is also expected on your part, to make the most of your training and grow as a practitioner. Get in contact with us here at The Healing Heart Centre so we can help you achieve your passion of becoming a reiki master.

How Are You Attuned?

The process of attuning through each level of reiki practice is part of a ceremony carried out by a reiki master at the beginning of each new level. During this ceremony, the master will open and expand the energy channels of a student body, to allow energy flow through the body and to encourage energetic development. Typically, this is followed by an intense period of self-growth for the student, with new capabilities to develop within their reiki practice.

How Are You Supported?

Here at The Healing Heart Centre, we recognise that in order to become successful reiki masters, our students need consistent support through their reiki journey. All of our Reiki masters are committed to each and every student of the practice, always on hand to provide one-on-one care, motivation, and support. The reiki teachers at The Healing Heart Centre are highly competent practitioners, with real-life experience and knowledge to guide you through the levels of attunement.

If you have been considering reiki as a career path or are looking to tap into self-improvement, reiki training is the perfect opportunity. Here at The Healing Heart Centre, we offer a range of reiki training courses, both in-person and online to suit your every need. Our team of dedicated teachers can help you channel into your true potential and help you facilitate your life for the better. Reach out to us today to book your place on one of our next reiki training courses.

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