Here at The Healing Heart Centre, we focus our treatments heavily on enhancing the results for our clients and hence the practice of Crystal Reiki. We utilise this ancient artform to help our clients find an alternative method of healing, foster increased awareness in their bodies, tap into powerful vibrations and shift out of a negative frequency.

Our clients find after a Crystal Reiki session that they feel in a better position to heal, both physically and mentally. If you are new to crystal reiki and looking to book your first session with us here at The Healing Heart Centre, find out everything you need to know about this healing technique sought after by people across the world.


What is Crystal Reiki?

Crystal Reiki is a healing technique, used from the earliest civilisations to generate energy, improve communication as well as to spread peace and well-being. Crystal Reiki harnesses the frequencies that inhabit within the earth and magnifies them through the power of reiki energy. Profound shifts can occur by targeting these powerful vibrations with consciousness of Reiki energy.

A Crystal Reiki practitioner utilises a variety of crystals and their hands, placed directly above or on the body to trigger healing and channel into your body's natural regenerative abilities. The crystals used within a client's session completely depend on what they are looking to achieve from the session, and the healing they are looking to promote within themselves.

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How Crystal Reiki Works?

Crystal Reiki amalgamates the intention inherent in the effects of crystal and reiki energy to generate powerful and refined energetic conduit you can treat clients and balance on all levels. While standard reiki sessions utilise common techniques, for example placing the hands on or above certain areas of the body, Crystal Reiki includes an extra level of healing energy. In our sessions here at The Healing Heart Centre, we include crystals to aid the treatment, as different crystals can be used to help the body release emotion and built-up feelings. Crystals are believed to have their own energy, which can be very effective when used to help heal a variety of ails.

During your session, certain crystals are chosen and placed in a specific layout to allow reiki energy to flow through the practitioner into the crystals and then to the client. Reiki energy passing through the crystals creates a determined energetic resonance within the client that their body will utilise to address definite imbalances. Different crystals can be used to achieve different aims, but examples of crystals that may be used within your session are amethyst, rose quartz, topaz, moonstone, aquamarine, and tourmaline. To find out more about the benefits of crystal healing, contact us at The Healing Heart Centre to learn more about your first Crystal Reiki Session.


How Does Distance Crystal Reiki Work?

In today's busy modern world, it can be hard to find the time to visit our centre for a consistent Crystal Reiki session. This is why we also offer distance crystal reiki. This form of reiki therapy can be completed from anywhere and doesn't necessarily involve you being present with the practitioner. To complete distance crystal reiki, our practitioners may work with you virtually or with a picture of you, alongside a healing crystal. The practitioner then directs thoughts and energy to you. Through these energetic links, distance Crystal Reiki aims to promote the same healing effects of in-person reiki sessions.

What to Expect During Your Distance Crystal Reiki Session?

If you've never had a distance crystal reiki session before, it's good to know what to expect and how to prepare prior to your treatment. This allows you to get the most from your session and become energetically open to this method of healing. Before your distance Crystal Reiki session, you will discuss with your practitioner your aims and what you want to gain from the therapy. When receiving Crystal Reiki virtually or when you're not present with the practitioner, please make sure you're in a safe and comfortable location.

When beginning, the practitioner cleanses the energy field to ensure it's ready to receive the reiki energy. They then say some words of protection or complete rituals like making symbols, to ensure a sacred space is created for the both of you. At this stage the practitioner will begin the reiki healing and mediation, channelling your energies to promote your desired healing.

During your session, you may feel a range of sensations, while others might feel nothing at all, but the effects still carry on at the energetic level which may not be noticed. Some of the responses our clients experience during the sessions can be similar to emotional response, feeling heat or cold, seeing colours or lights, falling asleep or any other involuntary movements. Some people can feel these during the session while others can be felt in the following days. If you've never tried this alternative therapy to help deal with symptoms of pain, contact us today to discuss your first Crystal Reiki session.

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Benefits of Crystal Reiki

There are countless benefits to Crystal Reiki sessions due to the increased ability of crystals to radiate, streamline, channel and absorb energy. Since crystal generate energy through the process called Piezoelectric effect its benefits are many. Find below just a few of the benefits of Crystal Reiki sessions with The Healing Heart Centre:

  • Helps to Relieve Pain and Fatigue

    Reiki is commonly used to help treat symptoms of bodily pain, as well as rejuvenate and reduce fatigue. This is sought after as an alternative to medications and other invasive therapies, like acupuncture. Crystal reiki aims to channel the body's energies to encourage self-healing from a range of pains and ailments. For example, chronic back problems.

  • To Clear the Chakras

    Chakras are energetic centres which are vertically aligned along the spine in the body. These chakras are connected to our endocrine glands, organs and particular awareness within the body. These chakras can be blocked or move out of alignment and may not function at their optimal levels leading to various imbalances in the bodies. Crystal reiki addresses these imbalances of chakras by utilising specific crystal that resonate with particular centre and combining with reiki energy which can then be a powerful healing method.

    Some of the chakra imbalances it can address are a sense of security and stability, relation to emotions of oneself and of the others, feeling in control of life, ability to love oneself and others, ability to communicate truth, intuition, imagination and in learning one’s life purpose.

  • Can Help Treat Symptoms of Depression

    Crystal Reiki works to heal the mind as much as it does with the body. Many clients look to reiki to help improve symptoms of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. People across the world find that crystal reiki helps to promote a deep state of relaxation, with a boost to their mood and outlook after each session

  • To Clear Home and Workplaces

    Home/work is where we spend valuable amount of our time which contributes greatly to our state of health and wellbeing. The energy that surrounds us has a significant impact on our actions and mood. Hence keeping our environment safe and clear can greatly reflect on our life and work. Crystal Reiki can address this negative energy that might be surrounding your immediate environment which might be impacting your lack of progress in carrier, feeling of tiredness, low mood, lack of motivation, feeling powerless and lack of growth. Hence Crystal Reiki can be used to clear negative spaces and enhance positivity in your home or business.

  • Improves Mood

    Regular sessions with one of our Crystal Reiki practitioners here at The Healing Heart Centre can also contribute to a sustained better mood and improvement to your life as a whole. Many of our client’s report feeling that their mood improved not only directly after their session, but also in the weeks afterwards.

  • Deep Relaxation

    Crystal Reiki helps you to tap into the deepest parts of yourself and shut the busy world out for a while. If you're someone with a hectic daily life, you could benefit from the deep states of relaxation crystal reiki promotes. Setting aside this regular time for yourself helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and allows you to take on life's challenges with ease.

If you are ready to experience the life-changing practice of Crystal Reiki, click the link below to book your session today!