Here at The Healing Heart Centre, Our Mission Is to Offer Healing Through Love.

Healing comes in many forms and is needed for various reasons depending on the individual. Healing can be beneficial for people suffering from internal blockages, unable to process built up emotions, stuck in many internal conflicts, or low self-esteem. Healing can also help people who are simply looking to re-align and lead a more positive life filled with love. Healing can be helpful for everyone, no matter your current situation or background.

I’ve dedicated my life to healing others through love and spirituality. Having been a spiritual coach/teacher at The School For Enlightenment for several years, I am offering healing modalities at The Healing Heart Centre . This was all made possible through devotional encounter with divine love, which has further refined my life’s purpose to spread love to humanity.

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Smitha Jagadish

The Healing Heart Centre

Offering Healing Through Love


As a Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, I provide all of my clients with authentic energy-healing sessions to help improve their lives. While improvements vary from client to client, healing can have the following benefits when done by a professional:

  • Provide clients with a feeling of elevation and expansion.
  • Support the well-being of people undergoing invasive medical treatments
  • Helps to align clients with their insight and intuition
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Help clients bring balance and additional power
  • Improved sleep and release of unwanted habits

Certification and Membership

  • Reiki Master level- Traditional Usui Reiki level I, II and Master / Teacher Certification
  • Reiki Master level- Crystal Reiki Master / Teacher Certification
  • Reiki Level- Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification
  • Member of the International Reiki Organisation
  • Certification of Business Insurance -Policy Number 96370